Characteristics of Gifted Children:Traits in young children #1

-Characteristics of Young Gifted Children-
*A common misunderstanding about gifted children is that their giftedness does not become apparent until after they start school. However, gifted traits can be recognized in toddlers.

*Children who read or do math early are almost certainly gifted, but NOT all gifted children do those things early.

Traits in Young Children:
*As infants -> Need less sleep, appear alert, may get fussy if facing one direction for too long, show an intense interest in numbers or letters.
*Strong desire to explore, investigate, and master the environment (opens up cabinets, takes things apart)
*Toys and games mastered early, then discarded
*Very active (with a purpose)
*Can distinguish between reality and fantasy
(questions about Santa or the tooth fairy come very early!)


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